Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly happens at the Star Party?

The Star Party is an annual charity cocktail party. Our goal is to have a wonderful party, meet new people and learn about our universe. The party includes general mingling, food and drinks, followed by some time with more formal speakers with information, demonstrations and cool news from our astronomers.  

We then will get to go up to the Observatory and check out the view from the telescope itself as well as to learn about what they do at the Emory Observatory. 

There's a lot more to it, but that's the general idea. Ask around for others who have been there. What happens at the Star Party is... talked about all the time. :) 

What is the cost of the Star Party?

Tickets are $60 per person and this includes food, soft drinks and entertainment. Student tickets are $45 and kids 12 and under are $30.

Beer and wine tickets are available as additional purchases. 

How do I get to the Star Party? 

We're very excited to have the Emory Math and Physics Department host us again at The Emory Math & Science Center, 400 Dowman Dr., Atlanta, GA 30322.  Check out the Transportation page for more info.

What should I wear?

We recommend cocktail attire. We're a beautiful, classy bunch of people and it shows. If you're not sure what cocktail attire entails, there are several sites online that can help! Use your Google power! There are also a lot of photos on the site from previous parties so you can have an idea of what people have worn in the past.

Can I bring my kids to the Star Party?

Absolutely! Just remember that the party does go quite late into the night and, for some kids, it's a school night. We don't want to get in trouble :) 

What charities does the Star Party support?


In the past, we have donated Star Party proceeds to the American Cancer Society and to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. This year, our donations will go to the  Alzheimer's Foundation of America as well as CosmoQuest, a citizen science organization that Pamela and Nicole are involved with, which is in dire need due to the sequestration cuts.  Learn more here.

I can't make it but I still want to help!

Donate directly to CosmoQuest here!  Or participate in our online Silent Auction!

What's the deal with food?

We serve heavy hors d'oeuvres at the party, with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Once we've finalized the menu, we'll post it here! Also, if you have any specific dietary requirements, please let us know, either when you purchase your ticket or via the Contact form.

What's the deal with alcohol?

It's a cocktail party... but we don't have cocktails. Unfortunately, we are only allowed to serve beer and wine at the Star Party.  Beer and wine tickets will be available for sale at the party. You will be carded at the door and receive a wristband to allow you to drink alcohol.

Do I need to bring a telescope?

Nope - we'll have scopes available on the ground at the party and you'll also be able to go up to check out the large telescope upstairs.

But... I really want to bring my telescope...

Awesome! Just contact us and we'll make sure we know you're coming and can find a good place for you to set up. 

What happens if it rains?

No problem! We've got plenty of astronomers to chat with and lots of great people to meet and there's plenty of indoor space. Plus, we're planning a 'virtual star party' as well, where we'll be bringing in astronomers from different parts of the world to us, via Google+ Hangout and watching what they can see in their scopes in different locations!

I want to help out with the Star Party!

We do have a few volunteer spots available. If you're interested, please contact us


Patience! :) All in good time. While you're waiting, go talk about it on our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter

This is all very well and good, but YOU HAVE NOT ANSWERED MY SPECIFIC QUESTION.

Contact us here and we'll get back to you!